Those Pesky Red Dots

Perio Chart

Most of you know what I refer to. Every six months your fabulous hygienist "pokes" you. She is measuring the health of your gums and bone support. Really, we do this for your own good, although it may not feel that way sometimes. These measurements are so important because it allows us to detect problems before you feel anything. Gum disease leads to bone loss which leads to loose teeth.  Early-stage gum disease is painless for you, our valued patient. Less red dots correlate with better oral health. It's that simple, but is it really? There is a whole science dealing with those pesky bacteria that lurk under the gum, just trying to wreak havoc on your oral health. Some of us have more of the "bad" bacteria naturally in our mouths. These patients are fighting an uphill battle to maintain their oral health. The bacteria do not go away, we just help you control their activity.  Little things like brushing into the gumline at least twice daily and using something to clean between your teeth daily can make a big difference. That's why we get so excited when those "red dots" decrease. Yes, we are dental nerds. We hope that's why you come here because we truly do care!