Hybridge - The Simple Way To A Lasting Smile

Are you wearing a denture that slips or gags you?

Are you uncomfortable speaking in public with fear of denture embarrassment? 

Are you tired of cleaning denture adhesive off your palate daily?

Do you have periodontal disease advancing that the loss of your natural teeth is inevitable?

The traditional standard of care is to place a denture that covers the palate and extends up under the lips/cheeks to gain retention in order to stay in place.  For many people, this option is frustrating and limiting everyday in one way or another.  

Hybridge tooth replacement allows the patient to have a more natural feeling.  The Hybridge denture is supported by up to 6 implants per arch.  It is screwed into those implants and is not removable by the patient.  The palate is exposed and the acrylic under the lip/cheeks is not needed for retention.  We show the patient how to clean around the implants with super-floss and a water flosser.  This is the most natural permanent full arch tooth replacement available today.  If you are interested in discussing your specific options, Dr. Chris will be happy to help you!