Children's Dentistry

Dr. Chris recommends every child have their first dental visit by the age of one or when the first tooth erupts.  Getting your child off to a positive dental start is important to create good home care habits focusing on preventing dental disease.  

The very first visit typically involves showing the parents how to brush for their child, applying fluoride varnish to any erupted teeth, discussing good dietary habits, the benefits of fluoridated water and pacifier use.  Often parents find it convenient to bring their children to the same office they go to.  On the same note, kids like being at the same office as their parents.

Those baby teeth are important as they save space for the permanent teeth.  So, if a cavity develops, we will recommend restoring it.  Dr. Chris likes to use laughing gas in addition to local anesthetic to make your child comfortable.  Usually the kids relax and watch TV during their procedures.  Dr. Chris loves to see the young smiles and even makes them an animal balloon to take home.