Our office provides modern, state of the art dental care in a warm, relaxed environment.

Dr. Chris Campbell

It's important to feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving the highest quality dental care available. Being confident in your dentist and their team makes my appointments enjoyable! I look forward to my appointments!

I waited so long to have my veneers done and I wish I would have done it sooner. I love my teeth! It’s changed my life!

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. It's important to be confident to show it off!

I didn't think fixing my front teeth would make a big difference, but it has and I love them!

Be the one who always smiles, not the one who doesn't smile back!

My front tooth was broken while walking in downtown Lincoln. A stranger bumped into me and when I looked in the mirror, 1/3 of my tooth was missing. Dr. Chris saw me quickly, repaired my tooth and I left looking and feeling good! It was much easier than I expected!

We want to give you something to smile about!


Why choose Smile Innovations?

Why choose Smile Innovations?

The Smile Innovations Dentistry team is dedicated to providing the finest and most personalized dental care available. Our goal is to exceed patient expectations and be at the leading edge of the dental world. We believe it is important to deliver the highest possible level of care with passion and understanding. The Smile Innovations team includes a highly experienced staff that puts each patient’s needs first. Our office provides modern, state of the art dental care in a warm, relaxed environment. We want to help enhance your life by enhancing your smile!

We are now open at the new location and welcome new patients! 

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Dr. Campbell

Dr. Campbell is passionate about dentistry and strives for perfection to meet and exceed her patients' goals. She provides compassionate care in a relaxed environment and makes each indiviuals' smile her first priority.