Tongues Are AMAZING


We use our tongues all the time to eat, talk, swallow, and kiss. Food just wouldn’t be the same without a tongue. Have you ever thought about how this awesome organ does what it does? Here are some interesting facts about the tongue!

The tongue is the STRONGEST muscle in the entire body. However, it is also one of the most SENSITIVE muscles as well.  If you've ever had a chipped tooth, your tongue will be the first to's so curious!  And it is the most FLEXIBLE muscle in the body!

The COLOR of your tongue can give you clues to your overall health.

  • Pink: Good health
  • White: Fungal infection or dry mouth
  • Yellow: Stomach problem or fever or sinus drainage
  • Red: Viral infection or vitamin deficiency

Your tongue has between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds. You can’t see them with the human eye, but they are there!

Your tongue print is just as unique as your fingerprint!

Our tongues can harbor up to half of the bacteria in our mouths! To keep your tongue healthy, be sure to brush it every day! We also have tongue scrapers, just ask for one!