The New Patient Experience

Teeth Cleaning

At Smile lnnovations we treat our new patients to a thorough, informative experience.  It is important for us to find out all your concerns whether it's a sensitive tooth or a past dental procedure that made you anxious to just walk in our door.  Our doctors want to know how they can make your experience with Smile Innovations the best dental experience ever.  The first time we see you we will take photos of your teeth to allow you and the doctor to have a conversation without feeling vulnerable. A hygienist will take digital X-rays and take measurements to assess your gum health.  If you do not have periodontal disease, your teeth will be cleaned.  Our hygienists take pride in educating our patients about their unique oral health issues so in turn our patients can help prevent future dental problems.   Your doctor will discuss their findings and present a treatment plan that prioritizes your dental need, along with suggesting a timeline for completing care.  Our patients’ cosmetic desires are discussed with options presented for resolving those issues.  We allow 2-2.5 hours for this appointment so our patients do not feel rushed and have time to ask all their questions.  Typically our patients say they've never been given so much information about their oral health. We believe knowledge is key in preventing future problems and maintaining the best possible oral health. Everyone is unique and are treated as such and it is our standard to make every appointment a positive experience.