Floss vs Water Floss


Since dental floss was introduced nearly 200 years ago, we oral health-care providers have consistently promoted or even pushed floss use, but flossing compliance has been an ongoing challenge. Routine use of dental floss has still not been embraced by the public. What a relief it would be for many dental patients if floss would just go away, right?

There have been improvements in power toothbrushes over the last decade backed by compelling research.  Sonicare and Oral B are the top brands in that category.  However, even the finest brushing device in the hands of a committed brusher cannot adequately address the critical areas between the teeth. The now renamed, Water Flosser, (formerly Waterpik) parallels the benefits of floss and more patients can comply with it long-term.

Long story short - something needs to clean between our teeth daily and if a stream of water sounds easier for you than a piece of string, we're all for that!