Everyone's Desire: A Whiter Smile

Charcoal Container and Toothbrush

Several patients lately have asked me about using charcoal to whiten their teeth. After doing some research on this, my thought is there are better ways. Currently, the American Dental Association has not approved any charcoal teeth whitening products. There is concern about how abrasive the product may be and what damage that might cause. Enamel does not replenish itself so if it is eroded away, the damage is permanent. Also, could the charcoal, which is very black, seep into crevices between fillings and teeth perhaps staining those areas permanently? While this product may work well for some, it has not been tested scientifically nor is it endorsed by the ADA. 

There are approved and tested methods to whiten your teeth. We have several to choose from with different price points. And yes, all of us here at Smile Innovations do whiten our teeth. Our favorite way is to make custom trays and supply the patient with syringes of whitening gel that you wear at home.  If you are interested, please ask us to show you at your next appointment!