Are We Offering Massages?

Massage Table

Some of you have been asking if that is a massage table you see down the hallway.  While a massage rather than a dental appointment does sound great, in actuality it is a physical therapy table.  Dr. Chris and Hruska Physical Therapy are collaborating to help patients that have poor postural alignment.  

We are creatures of habits or patterns.  Do you notice you like to cross one leg more than the other or chew on one side of your mouth more?   These types of asymmetric patterns can produce strength on the side that is used and weakness on the opposite side.  The deficient side will compensate to try to keep up with the dominant side, which for some can result in a domino effect of problems throughout the entire body.  If you've had a past injury, the compensation can even be more pronounced.

Our teeth lay the foundation for supporting our head on our spine.  If it is properly positioned, we take it for granted. However, if not the problems can spread throughout the whole body.  Dr. Chris makes oral appliances that help the patient maintain a neutral position with specific bite relationships that will free up the neck and spine so new movements and patterns can be learned by the patient during their physical therapy.

Hruska Clinic offers a solution for these patients with Postural Restoration.  They are the first clinic in the nation to be designated a Postural Restoration Certified Center.   We are so fortunate to have this resource right here in Lincoln as many patients fly in from all over the world.  For more information on our collaboration with Hruska Physical Therapy, check out their website