Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Mission of Mercy

Nebraska Mission of Mercy is an annual free dental clinic held in a different city each year designed to provide care to people in need.  Our team has volunteered for this event several times and has truly enjoyed giving back to communities across Nebraska. The most recent event we participated with was in Grand Island and we were able to provide fillings, restorations after root canals were completed and deep cleanings for individuals with periodontal disease. It was a success!

Clinic With a Heart

Clinic With A Heart is a resource for people without a dental home.  A dentist will assess their needs and refer them to a clinic that can provide the services they need.  Dr. Campbell regularly volunteers to screen patients.

Giving to Missions

Realizing we are blessed to do what we love every day and knowing there are many people who go without basic dental care, the Smile Innovations team likes to give back whenever the opportunity arises.  Some of the non-profit organizations we have donated to include Friendship Home, Doctors Without Borders, Smile Train, and Oklahoma City tornado survivors.

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Children's Dental Health Month

February is Children's Dental Health Month.  This gives dentists, hygienists, assistants and others the opportunity to focus on children and educating them about oral health.  The Smile Innovations team has participated in this effort by talking to students of various ages in schools about brushing, flossing, proper nutrition and making regular visits to their dentist.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The office emphasizes the importance of education and oral cancer screenings during the month, office members have participated in fundraisers such as walks/runs to benefit the Oral Cancer Foundation and Smile Innovations Dentistry has provided free screenings. The fastest growing part of the oral cancer population are young, non smoking individuals who have the HPV16 virus which also causes cervical cancer. Every patient seen in the office is examined carefully at each office visit no matter their risk factors, age, gender or hygiene routine.